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My name is Tom Moore. I grew up in a small town in East Texas. Both my grandmother and mother instilled a drive to succeed in life. Their encouragement and determination inspired me and I became the first in my Native American family to graduate from high school and eventually earn a Degree in Statistics and Computer Programing from University of Texas. Growing up in a small town, my school “Pine Tree” offered a great educational experience with teachers with PHDs that taught biology, chemistry, physics, and advanced mathematics. I initially attended a local Junior College for the first year so my mother could save funds for a State University. As my mother worked two jobs and over time to help with my education goals. After graduation, I decided to follow my childhood dream and pursue a military career in the U.S. Navy to become a Naval Aviator. After completion of Naval Officer Candidates school, my next goal was to fly F-4 Phantom. After completing training as a Naval Flight Officer, I reported to Naval Air Station Miramar and deployed on a West PAC with the Black Knights, VF-154 on the USS Ranger CV-61 and was selected to attend the Top Gun Ground School.

At age 27, my single life turned to marrying my true love and soul mate Pamela Jo Damarus, an educator with San Diego Unified School District. We have been married over 46 years and have two children, Jessica (Retired U.S. Marine Corps Colonel and AH-1W Super Cobra Pilot) and son, Glenn (a safety officer for a national construction Company). We have three grandchildren.

Continuing my military career in the Navy as a reservist, first flying and the working in jobs at Naval Amphibious Warfare Reserves, CV61 and CV64 Reserve Carrier Commands, and finally as Inspector General Unit. In 2005 I retired as a Commander. During this time I also earned my MBA with National University in Accounting, specializing in Auditing-Tax and Finance; launched a new career in commercial real estate as a broker with Coldwell Banker Commercial Real Estate; and then establishing my own real estate brokerage company of CB Realty Advisors, Inc. In 2014, Pam and I relocated to Meridian, Idaho.

What does this experience mean to the voters of West Ada School District? MBA in Accounting will provide the ability to understand the very complicated financial statements of the district and to ask serious questions on the budget and financial statements, not just rubber stamp the district documents. In addition, my military experience has given me a unique perspective on Leadership, communication, accountability, training and education.

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