Tom Moore


Tom’s Priorities

Minimizing School Taxation

Improving the Quality of Education

Enhancing Campus Security

Supporting Idaho's Conservative Family Values

Advocating for Parental Rights to Participate in the Education Process

Meet Tom

Tom Moore, a native of East Texas, overcame significant odds to achieve his educational and professional success. Inspired by the determination of his grandmother and mother, he became the first high school graduate in his Native American family. He pursued a degree in Statistics and Computer Programming at the University of Texas, supported by his hardworking mother who held two jobs. Tom also fulfilled his childhood dream of serving in the U.S. Navy, eventually becoming a Naval Aviator. His career included deployments and training with the Black Knights on the USS Ranger CV-61 and attendance at the prestigious Top Gun Ground School. Tom’s personal life has been equally fulfilling, with a 46-year marriage to Pamela Jo Damarus, an educator, and two accomplished children. After retiring as a Commander, Tom earned an MBA in Accounting and ventured into commercial real estate, eventually establishing his own brokerage. This diverse background equips Tom to serve the West Ada School District by offering a deep understanding of complex financial statements and a unique perspective on leadership, communication, accountability, training, and education. His commitment to questioning budgets and financial statements rather than simply rubber-stamping them reflects his dedication to responsible governance.

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